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for overseas customers

Thank you for visiting our website 『 Alice jojo online 』

■ About us.....

Our website 『 Alice jojo online 』 is selling original shoes. And we are having a store sale at Gifu in Japan. A theme in our store is Kawaii and Wakuwaku. Kawaii means pretty. And Wakuwaku's meaning is excitedly.
Welcome to Alice jojo online. Please enjoy yourself leisurely.

■ Please feel free to contact us.....

We are selling original shoes . We can export those items to any country, if you need quotation, please contact shopmaster@alice-jojo.jp

■ Japanese sales tax.....

The price includes Japanese sales tax. So when we ship to your country, we deduct the sales tax which is 8%.
We will inform you of the price when sales tax was deducted.

■ S & H (Shipping and handling)......

The shipping charge is different depend on your country. We will inform you of the shipping charge, when we send an email with final statement.
And we use EMS (Express Mail Service) shipping.

Shipping Charge Shipping Charge
AsiaNorth America
Central America
Near East
Central East
EuropeSouth America
1 pair 2,500 JPY3,200 JPY3,700 JPY5,400 JPY
2 pairs 3,500 JPY4,700 JPY5,400 JPY8,500 JPY
3 pairs 4,500 JPY6,200 JPY7,100 JPY11,600 JPY
4 pairs 5,500 JPY7,600 JPY8,700 JPY14,600 JPY
5 pairs 6,500 JPY9,000 JPY10,300 JPY17,600 JPY
---- ----------------

Change Rate Change Rate = 100 JPY (2014/12/25)
0.83 USD ($) 6.4 HKD26.3 TWD 1.1 SGD
0.68 EUR (€)1.02 AUD918 KRW5.1 CNY
0.5 GBP (£)---------

■ Payment.....

Payment is only with credit card.
You can choose credit card.

We are using a safe and secure system 『 Secure Sockets Layer / SSL 』.

■ Final email with include.....

We send an email with the final cost.
Information of charge amount.
[ S & H is added. ]
[ 8 % sales tax is deducted. ]

■ Delivery......

We inform you of EMS tracking number,when we deliver your order.

■ Translation.....

底の厚さ(後ろ)Thickness of sole(back part)
底の厚さ(前)Thickness of sole(front part)
ヒールの高さHeight of heel
筒の長さShaft height
履き口の筒まわり(前)Circumference(The top part)
甲革Outer materials
裏革Inner materials
重さ(片足)Weight(one shoe)
横巾/ワイズShoe width
日本製 Made in Japan
カゴに入れるadd a cart
メーカーbrand name
在庫をみるin stock

■ Contact information.....

[Distributor] Alice jojo online
[Person in charge] Rie Alice Ito
[Address] 1-16 kamuro-cho, Gifu-shi, Gifu 500-8878, Japan
[URL] https://alice-jojo.jp
[Email] shopmaster@alice-jojo.jp

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* S & H is added.
* 8 % sales tax is deducted.

We send a final shipping mail.

* We inform to you of EMS tracking number.